My Checkered Career

During my ivy-covered years at Yale, I was involved with its radio station as an on-air personality, and subsequently worked in broadcast radio in New Haven for a few years while I was developing my next career: music. Career #2 encompassed composing and producing award winning music for film and broadcast media (including TV’s Captain Kangaroo and the Muppets). During that time, I merged my right brained interest in music with my left brained penchant for electronics, math, and physics and began working with synthesizers, computers, and what was at the time suspiciously called multimedia. Cross-fade to Career #3: that of software developer (programmer, coder, as you will) where I created software for leading publishers including Simon & Schuster Interactive, Macmillan Digital, and Time Warner. This in turn led to Career #4 as COO of a successful software and internet development firm. Career #5 involved my directing a not-for-profit organization whose mission was to educate consumers about sustainably raised, organic, locally sourced food.

Which brings me to the present and the reason I’ve told you all this. I reckon I have time for one more career and that’s what is all about.

Because throughout this professional voyage, two things remained constant: I’ve always been a passionate foodie and an inveterate storyteller.

Here then, are some tids and bits of my food writing. I hope you get as much of a kick out of reading them as I did writing them.

Dem Are Good!
Ratcheting Up Sriracha
You Say Gnetum, I Say Gnemon – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Oats
You’ll Never Forget Your First
The Case of the Uncrackable Case
From Russia, with Plov
A Miss is as Good as a Mile
A Love-Haiti Relationship
The Ultimate Fried Chicken Recipe
The Fruit of My Labors – or, The Wagers of Sim


– Rich Sanders, Ethnojunkie