Cooking in the Time of COVID – What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Instagram Post 5/1/2020

👨‍🍳 Cooking in the Time of COVID 👨‍🍳
…wherein we make do with whatever we have and improvisation is the name of the game, in this case, leftover corned beef.

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And speaking of games, remember the “What’s Wrong with this Picture” puzzles we played when we were kids? You know, drawings of scenes where houses had lots of windows but no doors, or the calendar displayed September 31, or birds flew upside-down, or the sun and the moon were out at the same time? Oh wait, that one really does happen.

Well anyway, here’s your chance to release your inner ambitious child, this time playing with a picture of lunch that I made from whatever I had on hand in the kitchen. It’s an old fashioned deli style sandwich with corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and mustard, homemade macaroni salad and coleslaw, pickles on the side – but there’s one thing wrong with this picture.

Here’s a closeup of the food.

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Stay safe, be well, and eat whatever it takes. ❤️

8 thoughts on “Cooking in the Time of COVID – What’s Wrong with this Picture?

  1. Corned beef on white toast? What could you possibly be thinking?

    • YES! You got it! I’ve been using whatever I have on hand, but alas, no rye bread! Corned beef on white toast is a shonda!

    • Well, I never said anything about kosher! That’s macaroni salad, not mac and cheese, so it’s pareve. But the Swiss cheese alone would have turned it traif.

      But look again at the bread!

  2. Should be using Levy’s Jewish Rye Bread instead of white bread, everyone knows that ! ! ! !

    ** Shame on you ! ! !

    **That ain’t no REUBEN SANDWICH ! ! !

    • YES! You nailed it! And if you’re going with Levy’s it should be WITH caraway seeds!

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