Khao Nom – Pak Moo Noodle Soup

Instagram Post 7/6/2018

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I’ve sung the praises of Khao Nom, 76-20 Woodside Ave, Elmhurst before, and I’ll do an encore for sure, but a brief reprise for now: we had already decided on our order when we noticed someone at a nearby table enjoying a bowl of soup. Fresh rice noodle dumplings, pork rib, pork loaf, ground pork and oh, that perfectly cooked egg grabbed our attention. Upon merely seeing it, we unanimously agreed that we had to have it, so Pak Moo Noodle Soup was added to our order and it did not disappoint. Even the broth was amazing: more flavorful, complex, and richer than I anticipated.

I’ll feature their celebrated desserts in an upcoming post.

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