Cka Ka Qellu – Part 2

Instagram Post 3/15/2019

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More deliciousness from our visit to Çka Ka Qëllu, 2321 Hughes Ave, Bronx, a couple of weeks ago.

[1] I expected the Mantia në tavë (literally, mantia in a tava, a clay casserole) to be similar to their thin-skinned dumpling cousins called manti from neighboring countries, but was surprised by a drier, sturdier, baked pastry dough encasing the filling; they seemed more like goshtgizhda, the Central Asian meat pies I wrote about a few days ago. These crisp bottomed bites were rescued by a much welcomed creamy sauce. Filled with ground veal (of course) and drenched with yogurt (of course), they were delightful.

[2] The Mantia served in their tava of creamy lava.

[3] Not to neglect our appetizers, each different in nature and temperature (from top moving clockwise): Tarator, a cold yogurt dip with minced garlic and cucumber; delicious warm Sausage Dip made from Albanian veal sausage; Ajavar (you may have seen ajvar), room temp, a savory roasted red pepper spread.

[4] And marvelous pillowy bread called Samun (sounds a little like salmon), so fresh and hot out of the oven that we literally couldn’t tear it barehanded. I’m usually unimpressed by bread but this was amazing; it was perfect with the dips.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m going back to Çka Ka Qëllu, 2321 Hughes Ave, Bronx. Gotta finish off the rest of the menu!

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  1. On my father’s side my ancestors originally came from Albania. They fled the Turks probably back in the 1400’s and wound up in Calabria. Then they came to America in the early 19th Century. A few months ago I went shopping on Arthur Avenue and we got a parking spot on the other side of Hughes. Stopped into the place for a look and was very impressed. Will be asking friends with cars to get up a group to try the food. Funny, my friend (who has a car) was commenting a week ago that we are seeing less and less veal in our supermarkets and food stores. This place has it all!

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