SUMAQ Peruvian Food Festival – Part 1

Instagram Post 9/15/2019

There’s a lot to report about the magnificent SUMAQ Peruvian Food Festival held annually in Garden City, Long Island. For starters, you’ll be immersed in Peruvian tradition, from song and dance to costumes, crafts, and cooking demos. Even better, it’s held on the grounds of The Cradle of Aviation Museum which, even if you’re not into the history of flight is pretty cool. Devour mass quantities of food, take a breather and check out the museum, and gird your loins for round two.

But my interest was in the cuisine, of course. I know that I’ve professed my passion for Peruvian food on this platform previously, but almost every dish I tasted was a cut above. Regional specialties were showcased and the masterful recipes plus the quality of the ingredients afforded an outstanding experience.

(Click on any image to view it in high resolution.)

Case in point, quite literally, is this Caja China (Chinese Box) from La Caja China de Juan Talledo representing Lima, anticipating its payload.

Pork in the roasting box…

…and pork on the plate.

In addition to their Chancho a la Caja China, they offered one other specialty: Chancho al Palo, pork that’s grilled in a contrivance that rotates to keep the pig crispy and moist…

…90° rotation…

…and completing the 180° spin. Sort of like a propeller on an antique airplane. Or not.

This was my maiden voyage to SUMAQ and I can recommend it highly; mark your calendars now for next year’s event and I will too. More posts to come….

(The 2019 SUMAQ Peruvian Food Festival was held on August 24th and 25th.)