Part of a series I did for kids. The idea was to turn them on to vegetables. I think they might have liked the poem better than the vegetable. <sigh>

Here we have a vegetable
Whose major claim to fame
Is the way it looks —
And it looks as funny as its name!

You’d think it came from outer space,
Pale green and somewhat knobby
With stems that stick out from its sides.
They call the thing kohlrabi!

Sometimes you find a purple one,
But that is just its skin.
And it tastes a bit like broccoli
With radishes mixed in.

You can cook them in all sorts of ways
Or you can eat ’em raw.
I even saw a recipe
For kohlrabi coleslaw!

They’re really pretty tasty…
Guess that comes as a surprise!
(Hey, I think I’m getting hungry now
Just thinking ’bout these guys!)

So now that you’ve been introduced,
It’s your turn to exclaim
That you like this crazy veggie
With an even stranger name.

Yell out, “Hooray for vegetables!”
And cheer about kohlrabi!
And shout it from the rooftops
From Zaire to Abu Dhabi!



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