An ethnojunket is a food-focused walking tour through one of New York City’s many ethnic enclaves. I’ve covered most of the five boroughs at one time or another; we’ve eaten our way through Flushing’s Chinatown and sampled Filipino, Indian, Bangladeshi, and South American treats in Jackson Heights and Woodside, prowled around Staten Island’s Sri Lankan area, and picnicked on Russian delicacies in Brighton Beach’s Little Odessa – to name but a few.

I’ve even guided people through Midwood, Brooklyn – not a neighbohood one generally thinks of as a mecca for foodies – and we’ve enjoyed delights from Russia and Ukraine (like manti, chebureki, kutaby, tarkhun and chocolate covered cheese sweets), Indian namkeen, mithai and kulfi, Israeli chocolate covered cornflakes, Hungarian kakaós, exotic fruits like rambutan, a bewildering array of kosher pickles, and of course, Di Fara’s Pizza.

Tours typically run about two hours (depending upon the neighborhood) and we’ll sample delectable indulgences from a hand-picked selection of restaurants, bakeries, and markets.

Please note: While I generally have a pretty good idea of what ingredients go into whatever we’ve consuming, I can’t vouch for salt or sugar or gluten or so many other clandestine buzz killers. If you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies, please be mindful of that and take responsibility for them just as you would if you were dining under any other circumstances. (I’m a foodie, not a doctor!) By the same token, if something troublesome happens to you along the way, I can’t take the liability for that any more than if you were just walking along the street or in a shop by yourself. (I’m a foodie, not a lawyer!) In other words, when you join one of my ethnojunkets, you are taking complete responsibility for your own welfare and safety.

What I can do is bring you a few hours of entertaining, educational, and delicious fun!

Now Boarding!

Watch this space to hear about the next ethnojunket. Hope to see you soon.

Some previous ethnojunkets:

Little Odessa in Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach
There’s a new ethnojunket on the horizon. This time we’re going to sample the delights of Russian and Former Soviet Union cuisine along Brighton Beach Avenue. We’ll share Georgian cheese bread as well as Turkish and Russian sweets and treats along with amazing dumplings, authentic ethnic dishes, and so much more. The cost is $70 per person (cash only, please) and includes a veritable cornucopia of food (but not beverages) so bring your appetite! You won’t leave hungry, and you will leave happy! For a sneak preview of just one part of the tour, check out my post about the amazing Gourmanoff. Is it a market or a theater? Join me and see for yourself!

For more information and to sign up, send me a note in the “Leave a Reply” section below (or write to me directly at rich[at]ethnojunkie[dot]com).

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Join me on the maiden voyage of my Bay Ridge ethnojunket on Saturday, October 31 at 1:00pm as we hit the culinary high notes of Fifth Avenue. It’ll be an entertaining, educational, and delicious two hours during which we’ll sample Middle Eastern, Greek, Turkish, Scandinavian, and even Jewish fare. The tour comprises five acts and each act has three scenes – a savory, a sweet, and a surprise.

For more information and to sign up, send me a note below.

Midwood, Brooklyn
Every spring and fall I host an ethnojunket through Brooklyn’s Midwood neighborhood on behalf of the Midwood Development Corporation and the Midwood Merchants Association; the Fall 2015 tour is scheduled for Sunday, October 18. Russian, Ukranian, Indian, Pakistani, and Israeli treats (and more) await! Even sweeter, MDC provides this experience at a fraction of the customary cost. (Not to mention that this may be your only opportunity to snare a slice of DiFara’s pizza without standing in line! Just sayin’.) Sign up here and tell ’em I sent you!

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