Champion Bakery – Carrot Cake

Instagram Post 7/14/2018

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Since 1977, Champion Bakery has been known for fresh baked Jamaican cakes, pastries, patties, and breads with names like Alligator Bread, Duck Bread, Mongoose Bread, Pinch Bread and Hardo Bread. This Carrot Cake cuts like a pie, crumbles like a cookie, and eats like a cake, but that crispy edge is the real prize. So good that I barely had enough left to bring home to top with Great Nut ice cream!

Champion Bakery is located at 3978 White Plains Road near East 225th Street, Bronx.

The World’s Fare – Ducana

Instagram Post 5/1/2018

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If you haven’t been living under a rock (or on a punitively strict diet), you know that The World’s Fare in Queens this past weekend may well have been the most over-the-top food festival New York has ever seen. Boasting diverse foods from over 100 cultures, there were exemplary versions of everybody’s international favorites of course, but it was gratifying to see less familiar dishes making an appearance as well.
The folks from Bacchanal Sauce, in addition to providing their bottled pepper sauce, came through with an ambitious menu that included Caribbean Fish Cakes, Escovitch Fish Tacos, Jerk Crab Fries and Ducana. Ducana, a sweet Antiguan specialty, lies somewhere along the dumpling–pone continuum and is made from grated sweet potato, coconut, raisins, sugar and spice, and coconut milk wrapped in a banana leaf and boiled until firm. Their version was served with a traditional hit of buljol (chopped salt cod with tomatoes and spices) and was absolutely delicious. Included was a side of Jerk Crab Fries, a reward for patiently awaiting the arrival of my ducana!

Second photo shows a deconstructed/reconstructed view.

Triple D’s

Instagram Post 4/16/2018

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It might stand for delicious delightful and delectable. Or perhaps def dope and diesel. But certainly not dainty delicate or dull because the jerk chicken from Triple D’s Place, 771 Washington Ave on the border of Prospect Heights and Crown Heights, Brooklyn is da bomb!

Brooklyn is home to some of the best jerk chicken in New York City so rising to stellar level here is no mean feat, but Triple D’s does just that. Ever had jerk that’s just not flavorful enough? Not here. Dried out? Not here. Just BBQ chix with some jerk sauce poured over? Not here. They keep the chicken spicy and flavorful, they keep it tender and juicy, and they keep me coming back.

(Oh, and a bottle of Ting, please!)

Allan’s Quality Bakery

Instagram Post 3/16/2018

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Unquestionably and quite simply the very best Trinidadian currant rolls and coconut rolls I have ever tasted in my life; these are definitive and the real deal. What’s more, I’m told they often have CHOCOLATE currant rolls (!) and white chocolate coconut rolls as well. Head to Allan’s Quality Bakery at 1109 Nostrand Avenue, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn for some amazing Caribbean baked goods and a guaranteed smile on your face.