Instagram Post 6/25/2018

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In addition to lively dancers clad in vibrant, colorful costumes performing to the beat of traditional music, there were attractions that appealed to other senses at yesterday’s Festival Inti Raymi outside the Hall of Science in Corona, Queens. Among many culinary delights at the Andean Sun Festival were these anticuchos, skewers of tender, marinated beef heart served with slices of boiled potato. If you’ve never tasted them, I strongly suggest that you dance over to the nearest Peruvian restaurant and get an order. Or two!

National Humanitarian Fundraising for Myanmar Food Fair

Instagram Post 5/27/2018

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A sunny Sunday earlier this month brought the first “National Humanitarian Fundraising for Myanmar Food Fair” to Elmhurst, Queens at the St. James Episcopal Church, 84-07 Broadway. There was nary a word of English in the signage and since I’ve never studied Burmese, I was equipped only with the knowledge of many delectable Burmese dishes I’ve enjoyed in the past – so sans proper names, here’s a plate of spicy deliciousness: Clockwise from 6:00, a taste of eggplant curry; a pink fermented shrimp and red onion salad; a sample of pork curry peeking out from behind spicy dried shrimp.

I did manage to get the name of the second one: Nan Pya Dok, flat wheat noodles with curry chicken. So good!

The World’s Fare – In Patella

Instagram Post 5/13/2018

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If you’re not from Spain, you probably think of paella as Spain’s national dish; if you do hail from Spain, you know it’s the heart and soul of Valencia. Not merely a rice dish, it requires know-how, special equipment, and the passion to do it right, and the folks from In Patella score points for all three. Specialists in authentic paella catering, they reinforced their mission to dispel myths about what paella is and isn’t by dishing up this yummy chicken and rabbit paella at April’s World’s Fare.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 for another World’s Fare next year! Can I get an “Amen”?

The World’s Fare – Bangad & Bougie

Instagram Post 5/12/2018

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In the Ilocano language of the Philippines, bangad means “bad” in the sense of a show of courage and Bangad & Bougie’s modern Filipino fare lived up to the name. In addition to their chapulines (grasshoppers), gusanos (mezcal worms) and durian challenges, B&B offered some fine, less daunting food at April’s World’s Fare in Queens.
1) Here’s a trio of treats, each served up on a chunk of chicharrón: Tocino Spam al Pastor, Pork Belly Sisig, and Black Cod Sisig – and each one was wonderful.
2) Perhaps it was a little tricky to tease out which dish was which in the trio tasting, but I have no complaints; it enabled me to try a little of everything!

The World’s Fare – Forward Roots

Instagram Post 5/11/2018

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Forward Roots bought us two top notch entries at April’s World’s Fare event:
1) Chilled buckwheat bibim noodles with fresh vegetables and kimchi, and
2) A tteokbokki 떡볶이 sampler bowl featuring fingers of Korean chewy rice sticks, boiled then fried for crispness and served up two ways (love that sweet, spicy gochujang sauce!), a flap of fish cake and a pair of kimchi fritters in a spicy aioli sauce. I should have gone back for more!

The World’s Fare – Coney Shack

Instagram Post 5/10/2018

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Coney Shack was one of the thrilling attractions at April’s World’s Fare event. They featured their inventive Southeast Asian fusion hotdogs along with creative tacos like Garlic Lemongrass Chicken, Vietnamese Caramelized Pork, Five Spice Calamari and Crunchy Tofu. Shown here is their Beer Battered Crunchy Fish Taco: deep fried Southeast Asian basa plus cabbage, cilantro, scallion, and red onion with lemongrass aioli and toasted sesame seeds. So good!

The World’s Fare – Avli

Instagram Post 5/9/2018

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🇬🇷 At last month’s World’s Fare in Queens, Avli, the “Little Greek Kitchen” in West Hempstead, brought out a number of specials like Yiayia’s Yiouvetsi, a saucy orzo and veal dish that tasted like something your Greek grandma used to lovingly prepare, but it was the grilled octopus 🐙 shown here that reached out to me. Mixed with red onion, seasoned with EVOO and red wine vinegar, and sprinkled with a hit of Greek oregano, the tender octopus was delicious. No wonder they called it “a neighborhood favorite!”

The World’s Fare – Dumplings

Instagram Post 5/8/2018

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Pretty much everyone around the world loves dumplings so it’s no surprise that they were well represented at last month’s World’s Fare in Queens. Three examples:

🇸🇰 Baba’s Pierogies (Slovakian style) came through with their jalapeño and Yukon potato blend – a great combo.

🇬🇪 Georgian khinkali with beef, lamb and herbs from Marani. Despite the resemblance, these are definitely NOT soup dumplings. Just grab one by its topknot and bite into its savory filling.

🇨🇳 Dumpling Galaxy’s perfect crispy, tender, succulent lamb dumplings from Northern China. Delicious!

The World’s Fare – Wafa’s Express

Instagram Post 5/7/2018

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Here’s another World’s Fare delight, this time from Wafa’s Express, 812 Grand St, Brooklyn. I like it when there’s a brick-and-mortar restaurant that anchors a festival vendor because it means we can indulge in their goodies pretty much any time we want to. Wafa’s features Lebanese cuisine, represented here by mujaddara and falafel.
Mujaddara is a combination of bulgur wheat and lentils, but the caramelized onions on top are as important to the dish as the other components, not merely a garnish, and serve to make it something memorable. Those are crunchy turnips pickled in beet juice coddling the mujaddara.
The falafel, artfully drizzled with tahini and hot sauce, were delicious as well and yes, I fell for their falafel!

The World’s Fare – Don Ceviche

Instagram Post 5/6/2018

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More from this past weekend’s memorable World’s Fare. Don Ceviche’s fish is always fresh and their leche de tigre is perfect. The ceviche offerings included pescado (fish), shrimp, and mixed (shown here) served with plump Peruvian corn, crunchy roasted corn, red onion, and a squeeze of sweet potato purée. Always a treat!