Durian Pizza in Flushing (for Edible Queens)

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I wrote a story about Durian Pizza in Flushing for Edible Queens. It begins:

There’s an old adage about durian: “Smells like hell, tastes like heaven!”

Whatever you may have heard about this fruit, it probably wasn’t encouraging. Some regard durian with mild amusement, some with outright disdain, while others have come to appreciate its unique personality. My objective is to disabuse you of any prejudices you may harbor about the “King of Fruits” (as it’s known in Southeast Asia) and direct you to a local restaurant where you can indulge—fearlessly—in its charms….

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2 thoughts on “Durian Pizza in Flushing (for Edible Queens)

  1. Hm,
    Sounds rather interesting. I’ve had durian fruit before and was not crazy about the taste but I’m certainly game to try this.

    • It’s worth a try, Jerome! Like I said, this pizza is the gateway drug for durian novitiates!

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