Chinatown COVID-19 Update

This too shall pass. Most of us 🀞 will emerge from this dreadful episode unscathed. But Chinatown businesses are taking a double hit because they were unfairly singled out at the very beginning of the COVID-19 scourge and consequently may have less chance of survival. We can help. Some Chinatown restaurants are still doing takeout and delivery and we can show our support by patronizing these establishments.

I realize this table may be difficult to read and it’s hardly dynamic, but you can find an even better, up-to-the-minute, printable grid view here. Note that all listings are subject to change as time progresses.

Learn more at the Chinatown Partnership Local Development Corporation and sign up for their e-newsletter. And check out Explore Chinatown NYC for more information.

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow the tweets from the Chinatown Business Improvement District @ChinatownNYC.

And you can see my original posts from early on, when restaurants were open but Chinatown was practically deserted here and here.

Stay safe and be well.

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2 thoughts on “Chinatown COVID-19 Update

  1. I was in Chinatown today. Did some shopping and bought a char siu bao (roast pork bun) for lunch at Mei Li Wah. It was absolutely delicious, even better than usual. Maybe because they are not making their entire repertoire of goodies. And when it gets a little warmer I’ll be stopping by at Wah Fung on Christie Street, see which places I can buy dumplings for lunch and sit in a park, and hopefully get the cumin lamb sandwich from Taste of Northern China (I actually sat down there on Monday and it was a great sandwich, even better than the first time I tried it!). Hopefully, they will stay open.

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