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Instagram Post 4/19/2018

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Ask anyone from Bangladesh about #fushka (ফুসকা) and they will recount a personal story laden with affection and often a wistful touch of homesickness about this beloved street food. Fushka is Bangladesh’s take on Indian panipuri: It starts with puri, a deep-fried, puffed up, hollow shell of unleavened bread filled with a variety of components, often including potato, onion, cilantro, delicious aromatic spices, and thin sweet tamarind chutney. It’s that wonderfully drippy chutney that dictates that you pop the whole thing into your mouth all at once to get an eye-popping burst of those savory ingredients coming together in a symphony of flavor.

Convinced that you want to try this? Here’s your chance to savor one of the best I’ve ever tasted brought to you by the folks from Jhal NYC on Saturdays this summer at the Queens Night Market. Find their booth and you will not be disappointed!

And if you want to avoid the opening night crowds, remember to get your sneak preview tickets before they run out! They’re available for April 21st and 28th for only $5. Purchase yours at https://queensnightmarket.ticketleap.com/. It’s all happening at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.