Farmers Restaurant – Part 1

Instagram Post 1/1/2019

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Every now and then, I pull up a photo of something that was absolutely delicious but that I failed to post about. There was always a good reason for my ostensible lack of diligence and in this case it was a language barrier. Here’s what I can tell you: it was one of the excellent dishes we enjoyed at Farmers Restaurant, 1692 86th St, Brooklyn, in Bensonhurst’s nascent Chinatown, and I’m fairly certain it corresponded to what the menu identified as Sautéed King of Fry with Summer Fruit, a pretty literal translation of 夏果小炒王 (Xia Guo Xiaochao Wang). A Cantonese dish, it combined sweetly fresh seafood, green beans, scallions, macadamia nuts and, I suspect, XO sauce and it was wonderful. In researching, I’ve seen a couple of dubious references to it or something like it in dusty corners of the interwebs but there’s not much else I can tell you since I couldn’t elicit much firsthand information. Still, everything we ate was positively droolworthy and yes, it warrants a return visit.