Winter Squash: Quashing Questions – Red Kuri Squash

👨‍🍳 Cooking in the Time of COVID 👨‍🍳

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Red kuri squash is also known as potimarron, a French portmanteau combining potiron meaning pumpkin and marron meaning chestnut, acknowledging the squash’s characteristic flavor profile. (“Portmanteau” itself is a portmanteau combining the French words porter meaning carry and manteau meaning cloak. How meta. But I digress.) Kuri is Japanese for chestnut, same rationale.

My understanding is that in the UK, it’s called “onion squash” preferring to address its appearance rather than its flavor. (Draw your own conclusions regarding whatever that says about the culinary aptitude of the Brits. 😉)

Since this one was new to me, I just halved it and cleaned it out, roasting it with some butter in the cavity. The flavor wasn’t particularly deep, actually almost watery, in contrast to its texture which was more on the dry/satiny-smooth side of the continuum. Since I felt that it needed a boost, I added maple syrup and cinnamon to the melted butter.

Given another shot at it, I might try slicing and baking it with a glaze to concentrate its flavor and give each piece some individualized attention.

Next up, buttercup (no, not butternut) squash.
(For those who are just joining us, the saga begins here.)
Stay safe, be well, and eat whatever it takes. ❤️