Brazilian Day Festival – 2019

Instagram Post 9/22/2019

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Two posts covering the same busy day pigging out in Newark, New Jersey’s Portuguese/Brazilian Ironbound district. Today’s segment consists of scenes (food scenes, of course) from the Brazilian Day Festival that took place on September 7th and 8th near the area around Ferry and Niagara Streets, just a stone’s throw (a football’s kick?) from the flagship location of the legendary Seabra’s market (which deserves a post of its own).

Most of these eight images are easily identifiable but the seventh (above) is worth singling out because of the dulce de leche gracing the tops of a few of the pasteis de nata, Portuguese egg custard tarts that were calling my name. Unfortunately, I was schlepping countless pounds of Portuguese cheeses, linguiça, chouriço, and morcela that I picked up at Seabra’s (see, I told you it merits its own post) so I wasn’t able to go back for them. The very definition of regret.

The subject of the final photo might be unfamiliar to some of you. They’re coxinhas (pronounced ko-SHEEN-ya), deep fried chicken and cream cheese croquettes, a popular street food in Brazil (and happily in Brazilian neighborhoods around these parts), shaped a bit like a chicken drumstick; the literal meaning of coxinha is “little thigh”. If you see these delicious snacks anywhere that offers Brazilian food, get one. (Actually, better get a few.)

Stay tuned for part two!

2 thoughts on “Brazilian Day Festival – 2019

  1. Yes, you should post about Seabra’s. I was there after dinner at Casa Vasca. I did buy and really liked their chourico. How are their other sausages?

    • I had dinner at Casa Vasca a few years ago; it was outstanding! The trick with buying sausages at Seabra’s is deciding which ones to get since they sell so many types and brands. This time, I tried a bunch of the house brand sausages in the back – the ones that are unwrapped and haphazardly labeled. Some were good, others were okay. I need to go back soon and experiment with other brands (as I have done in the past) and do a proper A/B comparison; then I’ll post the results.

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