Japan Village – Moriya

Instagram Post 2/5/2020

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Meanwhile, back at Industry City’s Japan Village (934 3rd Ave in Brooklyn) my dining buddy had set his sights on Moriya’s Oyako Don, donburi with boiled chicken leg and simmered egg. Boiled Chicken! 🤢 My thoughts harkened back to childhood dinners at my grandmother’s house and her rubbery boiled chicken. “It’s healthy!” she shrilled as if that somehow made it edible, although I was relieved that at least the poor hen wasn’t ill before its demise.

But having survived it, I decided that this rendition would surely be better and I’m pleased to report that it was, and significantly so. Tender and flavorful, pairing perfectly with the egg (a little culinary nepotism there) those two ingredients (along with some oomph from scallions and pickled ginger) had to be persuasive enough to carry the dish. And it worked; satisfying comfort food.

2 thoughts on “Japan Village – Moriya

  1. My mom boiled chicken all the time.
    We would eat it with saucy Susan.. So good. Too bad SS is all high fructose curn syrup now..

    This reminds me of the nabe pots I ate on cold nights, when I lived in Japan.
    Brings back fond memories..

    • Yes, I seem to recall a distant time when Saucy Susan didn’t suck! But I was a kid so what did I know? 😉

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