Instagram Post 8/3/2018

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I believe we achieved our goal of crafting just the right celebratory meal as we cherry-picked our way through the maze of menu categories at Barano, 26 Broadway in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In addition to our whimsical sfizi, Arancini – crispy rice balls with peas, mushrooms, mozzarella and a lemon sauce; and our little plate piattini, Octopus with farro, mint, pesto, celery, pickled radish and pine nuts; we enjoyed…

[1] Stinging Nettle Tortelloni with rock shrimp and artichoke, grilled asparagus and burnt orange hazelnut butter on the side from the Primi category
[2] Risotto with morels, ramps and foie gras from the Speciale group
[3] Prime Rib Cap Braciole with raisins, pine nuts, polenta, broccoli rabe and parmigiana, also from the Speciale category
[4] Wild Ramp Pizza with mozzarella, ricotta, ramps and EVOO, from the Pizza category, natch
[5] Torta Caprese, a dark chocolate almond tart with Calabrian Anglaise for dessert

And a splendid time was had by all!

3 thoughts on “Barano

  1. Hi Rich,
    This sounds exquisite! What does it take to go to your next meal there? I’d love to be there!!

    • I’m afraid what it takes is deep pockets, Talia! It’s a lovely spot but somewhat pricey by WFLDOG standards (it was about $75 per person; we each had one drink) and the portions are small – barely shareable. Since we were honoring two friends’ birthdays, we celebrated! As I think about it, I don’t know for certain that they could accommodate a group our size. Sorry to disappoint! (But you’ve got a good eye for quality!)


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