I Eat Lao Food – Laab Paa

Instagram Post 12/21/2018

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Today’s rave: Laab Paa, another dish that Manila, the chef/owner/genius behind I Eat Lao Food, features at their (current) North 3rd St Market location. Laab is the spicy, herby salad that’s practically the national dish of Laos, paa means fish, and “Whoa!” is the sound you’ll utter when you taste it. Served with a mini steamer woven from bamboo filled with sticky rice, you use your fingers to pinch off a bit of rice and pick up a bit of laab. Transcendent is not too strong a word.

But we’re counting down the days because Vendy Awards finalist I Eat Lao Food will only be at 103 North 3rd St in Williamsburg until January 15, so catch this rising star while you can!