Leek & Celery Salad – Polish Ethnojunket

Instagram Post 3/23/2019

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I’m still contemplating whether I should add a new neighborhood ethnic food tour to my roster of ethnojunkets, this time through Greenpoint, Brooklyn with a focus on Polish cuisine.

I suspect some folks think that Polish food is rather one note – although a good note to be sure – opining that kielbasa and pierogies can only take you so far. But there’s more to the cuisine than you might realize. Take this bracing Salatka z Porem i Celerem (Leek & Celery Salad). You don’t usually think of leeks in the starring role of a cold salad and their snappy presence here easily serves to awaken a jaded palate. Adds a further touch of excitement to that Kielbasa Wiejska with a dollop of zingy horseradish cream we’ll be sampling along the way.

Curious to learn more about this hearty cuisine? Any Polish food fans out there? Weigh in please! (Poor choice of words, perhaps. 😉)

One thought on “Leek & Celery Salad – Polish Ethnojunket

  1. Rich,
    Certainly a Polish food fan here. I’ve been itching to go back to Johnie’s Cafe which you posted about in the past. Aside from the Kielbasa, I cannot get that hot white Borscht out of my head, best to get it while it’s still rather cold out !
    Also though not really a Polish dish per se, many Polish restaurants have their own wonderful take on Goulash and potato pancakes !

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